Find out how to pick a good cybersecurity course in Melbourne

With the increase in number of sensitive information being available online, there has been an increase in risks of people becoming victim of cyber attack as they are getting targeted by the hackers. This is the reason why cyber security has become an important part of the businesses in the present times because they are becoming more vulnerable to the attacks by the criminals. Therefore, the demand for cyber security jobs has been growing like never before as it is a very rewarding career that offers you high paying job and more growth opportunities in future. Therefore, if you are interested in moving ahead in this direction, you will need to complete the course on cyber security so that you will land a good job that will help you move in the right direction. But for this you will need to find out how to pick a good cyber security course Melbourne so that you will be able to get access to the best course that will enable you to get a good job as a cyber security professional. Additionally, with the increasing cyber attacks in the business world, it is becoming more important that you get the right opportunity so that you will earn a good salary every month in this career.



There are different things that you will need to keep in mind when picking a good cyber security course and the most important thing is to pay attention to the subjects covered under this course. …

Know what is a car broker and benefits of hiring the best

There are a large number of new cars that are being invented in the market every year and the cars are becoming more technologically advanced with each passing day. This is the reason why it has become nearly impossible to go through the large number of options and select a car that will fulfil your needs so that you will enjoy benefits provided by the car. But if you are unable to decide the kind of car that you should buy for your household then you can seek the assistance of car broker who will help you with the right guidance and assistance. Hence for this you will need to determine what is a car broker so that you can enjoy the benefits offered by these professionals. Additionally, the broker will also keep in mind your requirements and work according to your needs so that you will get someone who will help you select cars with amazing safety features and technologically advanced driving features.


A car broker is a professional who will help you decide the right kind of car that you should select for your needs in exchange of brokerage charge so that you will enjoy its benefits. You will get all kind of services related to the purchase to the car so that you will enjoy the kind of car that will enable you to have an amazing car driving experience. Along with helping you with the right car selection, the car broker will negotiate with the …

Ideas for commercial carpet cleaning

The design of a house, the construction of wallpapers, pictures, the arrangement of the furniture, the arrangement of the carpets, and hundreds of other things are done very carefully. Every step is carefully observed and the end result is a house you can call home. For those who work in offices, decoration, and furniture, it must also be clean to create the right environment to work in a relaxed environment.


Because the current floor area consists mostly of carpet or tile or a combination of both, these are primarily seen as places prone to getting dirty by use over a period of time. Tiles, beads, shrouds, slates, etc. are used as well. on walls and in kitchens or other workshops. When new, these items look bright and neat. As people walk on them, their footsteps increase, shoes and boots wear them every day, and dirt takes over these materials. Dust particles from outside can enter through doors and windows and deposit in layers on carpets and tiles.


As time goes on, people have two credible options ahead of them. They can replace them with new ones or they can clean carpets, rugs, and tiles. The first option will obviously probably burn a pocket in the hole, as a new carpet or tile will be expensive. The last thing they can do is, but then the question arises as to whether they can do it themselves or whether they need to do professional cleaning of carpet, tile, or upholstery. …


YouTube broke 2 billion views a day just a couple of months back. I have played around with the API for two and a half years in various capacities, but I always stopped at the flash level of the chromeless player. Even though I managed to work through the AS3 implementation, I didn’t want to have to go through the pain of designing an interface for a player – I really wanted to play with the API itself.


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Overview of YouTube Custom Player

YouTube broke 2 billion views a day just a couple of months back. I have played around with the API for two and a half years in various capacities, but I always stopped at the flash level of the chromeless player. Even though I managed to work through the AS3 implementation, I didn’t want to have to go through the pain of designing an interface for a player – I really wanted to play with the API itself.

I recently took a look at the updates to the YouTube API, and I was excited to see that the embeddable player is now controllable through the JavaScript API. As a result I threw it into an example that I created showcasing my other plugin, the jQuery Radmenu plugin. I wanted to have access to the player state change (so I could tell when the player had finished playing the active video) and as a result was …


The jMediaelement script follows the principles of progressive enhancement. To achieve this it uses unobtrusive JavaScript- and feature detection technics (no browser sniffing or bad assumptions even for embedding plugins / COM objects like flash).

jme is an HTML5 audio / video development kit

jMediaelement demos

Basic demos

  • embed only, without custom controls
  • jquery ui themeable player controls
  • audio player with a simple playlist
  • youtube player
  • accessible Video player with srt-captions

customized/advanced demos

  • styled player
  • HTML5 podcatcher with YQL and Storage
  • Multiple player in tabs and dialog widgets


Commercial Script >>Buy it Here

My Video Channel is a jQuery based script which makes it possible to display a list of YouTube videos from a specific user and play them in your own website. The reason behind the development of this script is really simple. It’s difficult to maintain videos on private servers because they take up too much space and are difficult to maintain. Through this script you could host your videos on the popular YouTube service and make them available on your own website.

The main features of this script are:

Smooth transitions
Simple and clean interface
Small JavaScript footprint
Progressive loading of video data
Configurable data page size
Fully CSS driven UI
Works in IE 6 , 7, 8, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome
XHTML compliant…


jTranslate uses Ajax and Jquery to translate pages on the fly.

Adding / Removing languages takes literally a few seconds. Harnessing the power of the Google Tranlation API some jquery, with Ajax functionality… some swift css and cookies, this is possibly the fastest translator you will ever use.


jTranslate translates pages UltraFast >>Buy it Here

By clicking any language link/icon your submission is ajaxified via jquery and utilising cookies, the page is saved. Thus making revisits even faster.

Moreover as you move from page to page, the smart engine pre-translates that page for you in the language you last chose. So it is versatile and fast.

Having searched for a long long time , we decided to whip up this ultra lightweight script, and add some css trickery and jiggery pokery to enhance the functionality.…


Under Construction for WordPress

This template is a simple one page “Under Construction” WordPress theme.It has a nice interface and a great admin panel.You don`t have to modify code because you have all the stuffs inside the admin panel.All you have to do is to copy the theme inside wordpress and activate it and then change the data from the custom admin panel with your data.

About the Under Construction theme

It allows you to keep your users informed,while you work at your new wordpress website.The template has a jQuery slider containing 3 slides:one with your social pages,like Twitter or Facebook,one with a subscribe-by-mail form (works only with Feedburner) and another one with an area for writing what you do.I think it`s very useful.Now you have to convince yourself of its functionality.


FontPark is the largest portal noncommercial fonts . The current database has more than 70,000 fonts available for noncommercial and commercial use for PC Mac and Linux.

Free Fonts from FontPark

Similar to daFont you can define custom text and all the fonts will display what you typed to help you decide which font to get.
Simple, Free and Fast.