How to Pick Good Curtains for Your House

It can be a difficult task to purchase or shop curtains online in Australia for your house. It is imperative to focus on many things, including the fabric as well as the length of the drapes. Apart from this, in case your house has got several large windows, it will be somewhat expensive to purchase curtains. Here, we have provided some useful guidelines for picking good curtains for your house.


1. Select the appropriate curtain fabric


Apart from looking pretty, curtains have a functional purpose in your residence. Consequently, it will be imperative to select the curtain fabric depending on the room’s function. Go for a thicker fabric if you would like to maintain the darkness of your bedroom for sleeping. You should choose a style which covers the entire window. On the other hand, a lighter fabric will be appropriate in case you like to wake up in the morning with the light leaking through your room. A heavier fabric, such as canvas, muslin, or velvet is recommended for rooms where you want more privacy.


2. Choose the appropriate curtain length


The length of the curtain has a significant visual impact on how big the room is going to feel. There is no need to place the curtain rod just on top of the windows and place the hem of the end of the curtain right at the windowsill. The room is going to feel more spacious in case you hang the curtain closer to the ceiling. The same effect can be achieved in case the curtain hem hangs low beneath the windowsill.

Impressive floor-to-ceiling curtains will be fantastic for rooms that have got high ceilings; nevertheless, shorter ceilings will be requiring more conventional curtains which will make them appear warm and comfortable.


In case you like to make a small room appear bigger by manipulating the length of the curtain, the curtain rod should be hung high and the hem should stop at the windowsill. Moreover, the curtain hem must not hit the floor, particularly if a heavy fabric is used by you since it can make the room appear crowded.


3. Pick the appropriate curtain colour


The colour of the curtain should be such that it helps you to achieve the desired tone for your space and it should also be able to work with other design elements. While selecting the appropriate colour for your curtain, figure out whether you’d like the curtain to blend into the background or simply pop out. Following this, look at the present colour palette and try to figure out which aspects of the palette will help to achieve the desired look.


In case you like the curtain to stand out, observe the accent colours which have been chosen by you for the palette and pick the dominant colour. For curtains blending into the background, go for the neutral bases of the colour palette and select those which frame the windows without appearing excessively flashy.




It is definitely an enjoyable task to decorate your home and the same goes with picking curtains as well. Try to be innovative and choose curtains that help to accentuate the appearance of your room.