Looking for a way to add Digg-like features to your WordPress site?

WP Community Links is the best premium plugin on the market that lets you do just that, within minutes!

Flexible plugin architecture

Most of the available social voting extensions are themes. Extending WordPress functionality using themes is a clumsy way to implement social voting features. What if your site already has a nice design? You would have to customize the social voting theme instead to replicate your existing design elements.

WP Community Links is a plugin, which means it works independently from your theme. You don’t have to worry about starting from scratch.

Customizable templates and API

WP Community Links comes bundled with many template files so that you could modify the way the plugin pages look. It’s no different from working with WordPress theme templates. There are also dozens of helper functions, action and filter hooks so that advanced developers could extend and customize almost every element and detail of a page.

Utilizing cutting-edge features of WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 introduces many new features that make your administration life so much easier (Navigation Menu, Custom Taxonomy etc.). WP Community Links takes advantage of these features to provide a consistent and user-friendly interface.

Adding new categories, tags, and items to the navigation menu is easy and painless.

Customizable user area

Unlike other social voting themes and plugins, WP Community Links does not allow users to use WordPress wp-admin area to post. This reduces security risk, and also let you customize the dashboard and submission form on the front-end.

Integrated Akismet spam filtering and reCAPTCHA

WP Community Links uses Akismet API to identify spam contents. You can also enable reCAPTCHA, which further ensures that your social voting platform is not abused by malicious users. All the constraints are configurable in the admin panel (e.g. maximum number of submissions per hours, maximum number of login attempts etc.)

Facebook integration

WP Community Links lets your visitors log in using their Facebook account. This eliminates the registration barrier and encourages your visitor to contribute more. When your users submit their content to your website, it will be displayed on their Facebook news feed (if they give the plugin permission to do so), thereby increase your site’s exposure.

Enthusiastic support

WP Community Links is an awesome plugin, and it has awesome support as well. You are provided with very detailed documentation, video tutorials and a support ticket system.

As you’ve already experienced by now, receiving support on CodeCanyon is not quite a smooth process. As a result, I use an external ticket system to handle support. I won’t even bother to ask whether you properly paid for my plugin before processing your support tickets on Codaset, because after all, improving the plugin is what matters.

Of course, you’re still welcome to post your questions and problems on CodeCanyon discussion board. It’s just a bit more difficult for me to keep track and prioritize issues on the discussion board.

WP Community Links customization service

If you want to customize WP Community Links on your existing website, but don’t have access to a developer who could help you do that, don’t hesitate to contact me. I will give you a price quote for my customization service. Hiring me to customize your installation means faster delivery, more stability and excellent support. If you use my customization service, you’ll automatically have free access to my future awesome WordPress premium plugins as well!