Email obfusticator, basically uses javascript to encode your email, such that spammers cannot harvest your email “easily” shall we say. Find out how it works

What is an obfusticator

Well basically it is a way of disguising the source code of text, making it visually appear how you want, but within the source code it is actually disguised, thus making spam bots unable “we hope” to extract your email.
Using javascript, you can quite easily mask your email address from spammers, within your source code.

Bugger that , here is an example
This is how your email usually appears both on your public webpage and within your source code, making spam harvesters and email bots able to extract your email addy, and send you such goodies as Male Hormone Enhancement Pills.

Using the Obfusticator

type your regular email address ” like above ” into the form field. Hit ENCODE and your disguised or “obfusticated” email appears in the text area.
Now just copy and paste that code into your website in place of your regular email.

But Appears as:

Here is the code, feel free to use it and play with it to your hearts content.


Email Obfusticator (3)