Pixie by Nattyware, is one of those tools you cannot be without. We use it daily on every project virtually in our offices. It is a free download, called Pixie and available from Nattyware.

Launch Pixie

Get yourself the latest version of Pixie – the color picker with an impact, the one that first introduced many now-standard features. It is probably the easiest tool to bring colors at your fingertips.


One of our computers we use Vista Pro 64 bit version. In fact it is my main computer, now it is either a glitch or an issue, but if I leave the PC unattended for lengthy periods, Pixie locks the computer up.
The quick fix, is launching TaskBar ctrl+alt+del and the page just refreshes itself, without then having to close stuff down.

This is a great tool. Launch Pixie, find a website, and hover your mouse over a colour you like. Pixie will give you all the info. I suppose it is called Pixie, well because it is small.. and kind of Poxy. But it does the job and does it well.

A neat trick, if you want to be absolutely pixel perfect. Do a Print Screen , and open Photoshop. Create new Image, and click ctrl+P to paste the print screen in.
Then ZOOOOooom into the image, and either use Pixie to check the colours in a more stable environment, or the colour dropper tool in Photoshop.

This tool is great for any budding CSS guru. Enjoy: